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Kerala,the 'God's own country' situated in the south-west tip of India, is famed for its beaches and palm groves. It's achievements in the field of healthcare and education have won it international recognition. In the field of telecommunications too, the state has a very impressive record.

Kerala Telecommunications has an impressive record in the growth, development and modernisation of Telecommunication facilities in the State. It has always been in the forefront in providing telecom facilities to the people of Kerala. It was the first state in India to fully automatise all telephone exchanges, the first to link all the exchanges through the STD facility , the first to provide public telephone facilities in all Panchayat Head quarters and the first to provide Public telephones in every villages. Kerala Telecommunications has a large network of modern digital switches linked through reliable and high capacity optical fibre media. It has started providing Internet services in the State of Kerala in a big way.

BSNL's Cellular Mobile Service was launched in the circle on 23-10-2002 covering most of the major cities and towns. BSNL serves its customers with a wide bouquet of telecom services namely Wireline, CDMA mobile, GSM mobile, Internet, Broadband, Carrier service, MPLS-VPN, VSAT, VoIP, IN Services, FTTH,WiMax,WiFi Hotspots,NGN(Next Generation Networks) etc.

History and Growth


Our Vision

  1. Be the leading telecom service provider in India.
  2. Be a customer focused organization with excellence in customer care and marketing.
  3. Leverage technology to provide affordable and innovative telecom services / products across customer segments.

Our Mission

  1. Becoming the most trusted, preferred and admired telecom brand.
  2. Providing reliable telecom services that are value for money.
  3. Generating value for all stakeholders – employees, shareholders, vendors and business associates.
  4. Excellence in customer services- friendly, reliable, time bound, convenient and courteous service.
  5. Offering differentiated products / services tailored to different service segments.
  6. Developing a marketing culture that is responsive to customer needs.
  7. Maximizing return on existing assets with sustained focus on profitability.