BSNL plans were rationalized with effect from 01.02.2022. Customers had been already informed through SMS to change their tariff plan as per their choice either by visiting CSC or by sending SMS. Customers who have not opted for plan change as per their choice were migrated as below.

• Customers of closed plan Rs 149 migrated to Rs 199, Customers of closed plan Rs 225 and Rs 325 migrated to Rs 399, Customers of closed plan Rs 725 and Rs 799 migrated to Rs 798 & Jodi /Add on numbers of Plans 99,149,199,225,325,399 charged monthly Rent of Rs 100 and will get the benefits as per their main number. The rent as per the new tariff plan (from 01.02.2022) will get reflected in the Postpaid bill dated 01.03.2022. However, it is to be noted that the left out amount of Rs 50 (199-149) & March Monthly rent of Rs 199 i.e. in total (Rs 50 + Rs 199)+GST will be charged in next month i.e. in March Bill dated 01/03/22 and so on for other plans. Similarly, Jodi customers will not be charged any rent in Feb Bill dated 01/02/22 whereas they will be charged (Rs 100 for Feb Rent + Rs 100 for March rent + Applicable GST) in next month's bill i.e. March bill dated 01/03/22.

• Postpaid Plan 1525: A free family connection will be offered with Postpaid Plan 1525 with Unlimited Calls, 75GB data & 100 SMS/day for new & existing connections w.e.f. 01.03.2022.

• Postpaid Plan 525: Enjoy Unlimited voice calls, 10GB data & 20 SMS/day with the free family connection of Postpaid Plan525 w.e.f. 01.03.2022.